The IVF Coaching App


Wondering if you should buy this App? It is likely to save you a lot of money in the long run!

The IVF Coaching is a ONE OF A KIND App for people who are having IVF treatments. The App is a unique and powerful tool to empower you and enhance your chances of becoming pregnant and therefore you are likely to need fewer IVF treatments.

You will not find an App like this anywhere else! It is full of scientifically proven studies, relaxation exercises, daily tips, a diary and a calendar that helps you to be in control of your treatment.

So if you suffer from infertility and you are going through IVF/FET/Egg donor treatment, then the IVF Coaching App is the app for YOU! This and more is all included in this ALL-IN-ONE app.

Here is a video on how the App works or if you prefer to read about how it works, scroll down.

The IVF Coaching App is a comprehensive app that provides information which is based on research and is aimed to reduce infertility related anxiety and depression, adds helpful coping skills and increases quality of life. Not only that, it is based on scientifically proven information on what will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. In the App you have information on the results of those studies and can click on a link to read the full text if you wish.

In the first section of the app you will find:

  • Information about the IVF/FET/Egg donor process.
  • Reasons for infertility.
  • Fertility tests. Which tests are available and information on what they mean.
  • What to have in mind when choosing an IVF clinic. You want to make sure the clinic meets your needs and knows how to help you with your problem.
  • Techniques that IVF clinics may offer that studies have shown to increase IVF success rate.
  • Everyone who has been open about their infertility struggle has received unwanted questions, advice and comments. In the App you can read about 10 ways to deal with unwanted comments.
  • Helpful information based on  studies on how you can enhance your chances of becoming pregnant before your IVF treatment starts. This way you maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • 5 Relaxation recordings with hypnotic suggestions, to prepare for egg retrieval, embryo transfer, two-week wait, impact sperm production and more.
  • The effects of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements on fertility.
  • A list of pleasant activities you can select from, which may be helpful during the two week wait, or just in general.
  • Questions and information you can talk to your doctor about. If you have tried IVF before without success. Nobody is just repeatedly unlucky! Here you will find information about what may have gone wrong and what may be done to fix it, so you can have a successful treatment.
  • Information about Stress and IVF treatments.  
  • Think about changing your diet? In the App you can read about Can what you put into your body make a difference?

In the second section of the app you will find:

  • A page where you select the type of treatment you are having.
  • A calendar then calculates all your important dates for the treatment, which you can change if necessary. You can also add appointments  to the calendar.
  • Every day during your treatment you will receive a daily tip – some with general information, others based on the results of studies and/or clinical experience with helpful information on what is ahead, coping skills, communication, support, and what has been shown to increase chances of becoming pregnant.
  • My diary where you can add diary entries.

In the third section of the app you will find:

  • An option to make changes to the calendar.
  • Read your diary entries.
  • Cancel treatment in case something comes up. You can always start a new treatment in the app and use it again.
  • Contact us or send us feedback.

We are certain you will find this app to be helpful and know that you will find the information in the app empowering so that you can make informed choices regarding your infertility treatment.

Consult with your physician regarding the information you wish to use from this app and remember that you are responsible for your own treatment choices.

The IVF Coaching App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.


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