Here you can see a few questions and answers about The IVF Coaching App and/or infertility related struggles.  Don’t see the answer you need?  Send us an e-mail.

Q: Why is it important to prepare before an IVF treatment?

A: IVF treatments can be very expensive, both financially and emotionally. By preparing before the treatment you can increase your changes of becoming pregnant. In the app you will find scientificly proven information on how you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant through IVF. You can read about particular vitamins that have shown to increase chances, how certain foods and feeling a certain way can have an impact, etc and these are all things you can control!  So now when you know that by preparing you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant, we hope you will!


Q: When should I start to prepare for my IVF treatment?

A: Every month few follicules, at different stages, are growing in the ovaries at the same time. To have maximum effect on the quality of egg cell you should start around 90 days prior to your treatment.  Same goes for sperm production.


Q: I’m new to IVF treatments. How can the IVF Coaching App help me?

A: The app is full of information about IVF treatments and what supportive treatments are available. If you read it carefully and follow what is in there, you are taking control and know that what you are doing is improving your chances on becoming pregnant.  It also provides you with information on how to reduce infertility related stress that so often accompanies these treatments and maximize your well-being. The App will keep track of your treatment by showing you all the important dates in a calander and every day during your treatment you will resive a helpful tip about what is ahead, how to increase your chances and feel better.  It also has relaxation recordings with hypnotic suggestions that are specific to what kind of treatment you are having and where you are in the treatment process.

Q: I have had failed treatments. Is the app gona be useful to me?

Yes. In the app you will find information on both what you can talk to your doctor about regarding your failed treatment as well as suggestions on how to improve your chances in your next treatment. In the app you will also find information on fertility tests that you can ask your doctor if it would benefit you to have. Also, with every failed treatment your chance of experiencing infertility related stress will increase and the app can help you reduce that stress and make you feel better.

Q: I don‘t think I can go through yet another treatment.  What should I do?

A: We are sorry that you are not yet pregnant.  One option is to stop having treatments and look into other options such as being child-free, adoption or fostering.  If you are not ready to quit yet it would be most helpful to look at what needs to change so that you can find the strength to go through another treatment.  Talking to a counselor with expertise in infertility may be of help.  There are lots of things that can be changed to help, such as increasing support, changing a clinic, get treatment for depression or anxiety if that is a factor, make changes in how you prepare for your next treatment so that you maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.  There is a lot of information in the IVF Coaching App to consider if you want to prepare the best way possible for your next treatment.  You are welcome to make an appointment with one of us if you want our help.

Q: The two week wait is the hardest part of the journey for us.  Do you have any tips how to make it more bearable? 

A:  Most people find the two week wait the hardest part.  In the App you can find a lot of helpful ideas on how to cope with the two week wait.  We recommend having a plan for those two weeks where you plan something pleasant for each day.  You can plan something social, some self-care activity and/or something task-related. Make sure it is pleasant because when you are busy with something pleasant, you are usually not stressed at the same time and time passes more quickly.  There is a list of ideas on pleasant activities in the App too.

Q: Why does the App cost?  The treatments are expensive and I don‘t want to spend more money. 

A: We certainly agree that the treatments are expensive and understand that you are wanting to save your money. The IVF Coaching App is a tool you can use to increase your chances of becoming pregnant so by using the app we hope you will need fewer treatments and therefore save money in the long run. We have put a lot of work into making this app and will continue to upgrade it and add in new features so that the user will always have the best tool available. In order to accomplish that  we need to continue paying for programming. The app is Ad free since we want the App to be about relaxation, less stress and empowerment and don‘t think that Ads are conducive to that.

All our work has been on a volunteer basis and the app is non profit. All income goes towards programming and marketing.