Information To App Users

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22. February 2018

We are happy to inform you that the iPhone version is working 98%! The app is back in iStore. Please is your version isn’t working as it should then delete the app and open it again in iStore.
Our programmer is fixing the finishing touches and as soon as he will be finished there will come a new update.

Thank you all for your understanding!

31. January 2018

We are so happy to inform you that the Android version of the App is finally working again! We are hoping the iPhone version will be up and running in about a weeks time.

Again, We are Very Sorry for any inconvenience this my have cost you!

8. January 2018
Dear IVF Coaching users.
Thank you very much for the patience you have shown us in connection with the system collapse with
The Android version of the app is should be getting ready, hopefully today or tomorrow. But it will take a little longer until the iPhone version will be ready again. We will keep you updated.
You are welcome to send us any questions regarding IVF treatments at if you are preparing for a treatment or are currently going through treatment.
16. November 2017
If you are using the App right now please don’t close it (home button and swipe). If you do close it and open it there will be no information in the app until our service host has fixed the problem they are having.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing you and pray that it will be fixed asap

15. October 2016

Now you can read about the DQ alpha test, LAD test/results and LIT treatment in the App. Look under Questions about my IVF treatment – Information you want from you doctor about your failed IVF treatment.

28. July 2016

Do you sometimes get unwanted comments regarding infertility and your IVF treatments? Now you can read about 10 Ways to deal with unwanted comments during your infertility journey/treatment. Because being prepared with answers to these unwanted comments will make you feel more in control and less stressed.

21. July 2016

We are always trying to improve the app and help you feel more informed when it comes to your IVF treatment choices. Now you can read out different Techniques that IVF clinics may offer that studies have shown to increase IVF success rate.

6. April 2016

We are happy to inform you that a woman who is having an IVF treatment, will next week be using our Twitter account (@IVF_Coaching) and tweeting about her experience with the IVF Coaching App!
She has had many failed IVF treatments in the past so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of the app.
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10. March 2016

Now you can read all about “Can what you put in your body make a difference?” We hope you will find this information helpful!

Berglind and Gyða

7. March 2016 – New version of the iOs version is out!

Thank you for your patience! The App is now back on sale in App Store and all new add on´s will now automatically update in the app!

Berglind and Gyða

2. March 2016 – New iOs version is on its way!

We are now waiting for Apple to approve our new ios version which means that the sever will be linked to the app (like it is with the android version) and all changes and new add on´s will go straight in to the app! As soon as Apple has approved the app it will go back on Sale in App Store.

Berglind and Gyða

4. feb. 2016 – Hello Everybody.

Now you can read about “Stress and IVF treatmentsThis will happen automatically for people using an Android phone but iPhone users will need to delete the app and re-open it in App Store to access this new information. Don’t worry you will not be charged again.

Berglind and Gyða