We are so happy about all the great testimonials we are getting from users! Knowing that The IVF Coaching App is helping women to become pregnant makes us so proud and happy!  

Here below are a few we have permission to share with you.

This one we received in February 2015 and it is from a 29 year old woman whose infertility has to do with PCOS and high count of natural killer cells in her uterus.  She had 11 previous infertility treatments and recurrent miscarriages.  Here is what she said: ,,This App has saved my mental health during this last treatment.  Always when I had questions, the answer popped up in the next daily tip.  The relaxation recordings were very helpful”.  She happily informed us of her treatment result – pregnant with twins!

Here is one we received in March of 2015 from a 31 year old woman with unexplained infertility.  She had 2 prior IVF treatments, both were unsuccessful.  This is what she had to say: ,,I am a lot calmer this time around and I am sure the app plays an important role in that.  I am enjoying laying down after work and listening to the deep relaxation exercise.  It is great!  Now, I just have to be positive and cross my fingers 🙂  But you two deserve the utmost praise for your app and I am sure it will help many”.   She also let us know about how her treatment went and we were thrilled to hear that this time around, she became pregnant!

A few days later a 35 year old man who purchased our App told us: ,,I wish I had this app when we went through our treatments.  It would have made a big difference for us”.  It was rewarding to hear this too and helpful to hear a man’s perspective on the App.

In September of 2015 we received a comment on our Facebook page from a woman who had this to say:  ,,To everyone who is going to have an IVF treatment – I recommend getting this App. Even though I had gone through five IVF treatments before, I learned many new things through the App during my sixth IVF treatment. Among other things, I requested a more thorough examination from my doctor after my sixth treatment and from that I was able to receive a better explanation of my problems. I also appreciated that my husband was able to read about what I was going through every step of the treatment and it led us to be more in tune with each other”.   This is one of the things we wanted the App to help with; help people improve their communication regarding the treatment.  It is helpful to know that it made a difference.

About a month later we received feedback on the App from a 38 year old man. He and his wife had recently gone through another IVF treatment and used the App for the first time.  He said: „It was such a big difference going through this last treatment than the other treatments. Having the relaxation exercises was a life saver for both of us. My wife was a lot calmer and relaxed during the treatment and that helped me too. Although we were not able to get pregnant this time around, the whole treatment process was so much easier and we are definitely using this app again“.

Around the same time, a 42 year old woman contacted us.  She stated she had unexplained infertility and was obese.  She had two failed IVF treatments and had also gone through two Frozen Embryo Transfers, both were unsuccessful.  She also had suffered a miscarriage.  She told us: „The app empowered me to take control and really advocate for myself in requesting the kind of treatment The App indicated was supported by research results.  The doctors did not agree until I pointed out the studies to them. Thank you, thank you! We have a heartbeat!!!!“   It was wonderful to hear that our App helped this woman ask for what she knew would work for her!  And it worked!  This made our day!

Here is one we received from a 30 year old woman towards the end of 2015: „I found the IVF Coaching App that Gyda and Berglind created, to be very helpful. In the app are hypnosis and relaxation recordings that helped me a lot. Of course, I was still nervous and stressed during the two week wait but I was able to relax much better during this IVF treatment. I also followed their advice about vitamins and diet. I became pregnant and I am 11 weeks today after 3 failed IVF treatments 🙂“.

In March 2017 Linda, a 35 year old woman, used our Twitter account to tell us about her up coming IVF treatment and what she thought of the IVF Coaching App. We are happy to say that Linda is now pregnant and this is what she had to say about the app: ,,This treatment was easily the best IVF treatment I have ever had… and I have had many! I have Immune issues and low AMH. This was our third try with baby number 2 and what a difference the counselling and the app made. I had two counselling sessions with Berglind, first 6 months before the treatment when she looked over my previous failed treatments and she pointed me in the right direction regarding fertility tests and where to have my treatment done and then again 2 months later when she went over my diet and vitamin plan with me. Gyda I meet few times and she really helped me with my stress and depression that I have been dealing with regarding not getting pregnant… Using the App was great! There is a lot of information in it and first I thought it was maybe to much but when I took the time to read it all over I started to feel empowered with all the knowledge, I feel it helped me make informed decisions regarding my treatment   and I followed many of the tips. One of the best things about the app are the relaxation recordings. Like they say, when you are relaxed you cant be stressed at the same time! and yes its so true. Any way to summit it all up I  didn’t believe it when the Clinic called me to tell me that ALL my 7 eggs were mature and ALL of them got fertilised… And on day 5 when I was told I had 5 great blastocysts! I’m sure its down to these two great Ladies and their wonderful counselling and App! I had 2 transferred and 3 went in the freezer 😉  I’m pregnant… did I forget to say that? HaHa still just can’t believe it 🙂  THANK YOU so much!!”

We would love to hear about your experience with The IVF Coaching App!  Please e-mail your thoughts to ivfcoaching@ivfcoaching.com or leave a message here below.

6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. OMG!!! We have a beautiful heartbeat!!! Finally after 4 failed treatments, I can proudly say that I´m 7 weeks pregnant 🙂 And I´m sure it´s thanks to you lovely ladies and your mobile app. Thank you so so much!
    Ann Mary

  2. Congratulations Ann Mary! How wonderful! We are so happy for you that we are smiling from ear to ear 🙂 Thank you for sharing your precious news with us!

    If you have time to respond to this, it would be great to hear from you what you found most helpful in the app 🙂

  3. I don´t even know how people go trough this roller coaster without this app. I found myself more in control, in this mess all of this is. I´m 34 years old and have been through 4 treatments all and all. First the app was only in my boyfriends phone and he found himself being more involved because he had all the information! 🙂 I had one IVF with my own eggs and another one with an egg donor. The app is so user friendly, you just pick out what you are going through and the daily tips are so helpful! 🙂 This one morning I woke up and thought it was going to start to bleed.. I panicked a little but just an hour later I read my daily tip which explained to me that this could easily happen and was called implantation bleeding. If the “blood” was brown or pink, everything would be ok. I´m glad to inform that 4 days after the “panic” I got my first positive pregnancy test ever!! 🙂 We are just over the moon and I kind of miss my daily tips. I recommend it to all people! Of all the money we have spent this is the most valuable thing I have purchased! And the price is a joke considering the information you get instead. Thank you amazing ladies!


    • Congratulations Dear K!!!
      Thank you so much for sharing your great news with us 🙂
      We are so glad that you like the app and that you found it helpful!
      If you enjoy getting informative daily tips during your pregnancy then please see the BabyBump App (Free).
      We wish you all the best 🙂

  4. I am so thrilled and happy to say that I am 36 weeks pregnant with twin girls . Proud to say that the ivf coaching app helped me along the way thank you so much ladies!

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